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Types of Binary/ Digital Options

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Being similar to a financial game, binary options have some types of bets that are very exciting to try and also financially rewarding. Some examples are:

Touch-No-Touch: it is a bet where you predict if the price of an asset touches or not a certain level; you don’t need to worry if the price decreases a lot (as on the usual market), it just needs to touch the level that you placed your bet for;

30 / 60 Seconds or Short-term Trading: is a type of trade where the result is ready in 60 seconds; you can run several trades like this and have the results very quickly;

High/Low or Up / Down or Call / Put: refers to the situation where a trader makes a bet over the prediction that an asset price will end up higher (or lower) than a specific level set at the beginning of the session;

The tunnel option is a trade where the trader bets that a price will not evolve out of the boundaries set between two limits (a minimum and a maximum level).

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The simplest variation of binary options are the pure Call and Put options. You purchase a Call option, if you think that the price will go up. Conversely, a Put option speculates that the price will go down.

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One Touch option trades don’t require the market to be above or below a certain level at expiration. Instead, it just needs to TOUCH the strike price at least once during the option contract period for it to be profitable.