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[Closed] Forum Rules - Read Before Posting  

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1. The language of the forum is ENGLISH. Do not post messages in any other language than English. Postings with other languages will be deleted.

2. No abuse/abusive language is allowed, no racism, no nationalistic allowed. 

3. NO OFFENDING Avatars, meaning no porn, no nazi, no special symbols that have an offending meaning. AND, avatars should be no bigger than 80x80 pixels, otherwise they may destroy the design (tables).Break of this rule may lead the admin to block you from publishing avatars.

4. DONT use pictures in your signature, as it slows the forum down.  Also, DONT use big letters, coloured letters, apparant advertising, and apparant stretching the rules of this paragraph.

To post links on the signature will cost you 10$ / month / link! Send an email to and ask about payment methods!

5. Use of affiliate links or other links to your website / blog are NOT allowed on Topics / Posts! ONLY in signatures. See rule 4. 

6. Send any complaints on behaviour etc to

7. These rules may change with time!!!

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