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Forex Liquidity

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There will be plenty of days of Forex liquidity, and you’ll be there to take advantage of them. But some days…even the markets need a day off. Particularly for the day trader in Forex, the constant action and fluctuations are what make the game appealing, and it’s all about Forex liquidity. The changes in trends; the riding of the trends; the reversals of positions; and even the quick stop-loss holds everyone’s noses close to the computer’s screen(s). And the beauty is that you can jump from Forex pairing to Forex pairing and have more balls in the air than the best juggler. Sure, the risk is more, but so are the opportunities!

Speed doesn’t kill

Believe it or not, the situations listed above aren’t the most dangerous times for the Forex trader. For obvious reasons, there are no real “safe” times for the Forex trader, but like everything else, it’s all relative and it all depends on Forex liquidity. The most dangerous time for the Forex trader is not when the markets are wild, the Forex liquidity is great, and there are massive fluctuations in the market. Those are the good times. Those are the times when it’s easy to get in and easy to get out. When you can cut a loss short and ride a profit comfortably. Those are the times that grab your attention and don’t let it go, because a brief lapse could mean a missed opportunity or a sudden loss.

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