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Forex Broker Guide

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Forex Broker Guide! It is highly recommended for you to create your own Forex brokers guide so that you will keep in mind what offerings and preferences you want in a Forex broker. It is important to appreciate that the Forex market is very competitive and that you need to perform thorough research in order to identify a broker who is most compatible to your objectives and resources. In fact, if you aren’t entirely satisfied with your broker at any point, it’s worth revisiting your Forex brokers guide and trying out a new broker that can better meet your needs.

Useful Guidelines

Here are some questions that you can include in your Forex brokers guide that you should gain answers to during your quest.

1. How much will it cost you to open a Forex account?
2. What size leverage facility do they offer? You are well-advised not to enroll with brokers providing very large leverage facilities because they could cause you to easily overtrade. You may be interested to know that all USA brokers can now only provide a maximum leverage of 50:1 following recently introduced CFTC Rules and Regulations

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