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[Sticky] Broker – 100$ Smart Options No Deposit Bonus in ETH! The world’s first decentralized trading platform which runs on Blockchain

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SPECTRE is a website that allows you to trade on the direction of currencies, commodities, stocks and other assets, for financial gain. Unlike traditional binary options brokerages, it sits on top of their’s global auditing technology meaning that it provides unparalleled transparency. Traders may choose the off-site trading account option and never deposit at SPECTRE to trade to see how things work. SPECTRE’s liquidity pool (i.e balance sheet) is owned by our platform users who receive rewards based on the traded volume in SPECTRE, and not by a centralised management.

Broker Bonuses & Advantages:

  • $100 Smart Options No Deposit Bonus (in ETH) – Click Here To Register USING Bonus Code: PR-ACM, with the following conditions: Users have to trade a total of $5.000 trading volume for initial bonus to be withdrawn and A deposit of equal amount to the bonus or $5000 in trading volume needs to be reached in order for profits to be withdrawn
  • The world’s first decentralized trading platform which runs on Blockchain
  • up to 83% Profit / Trade in Just 10 Seconds
  • Deposit Using ETH or Fiat Money
  • Low Minimum Deposit – 0.10 ETH and the minimum trade size is $1.00
  • Fast Customers Support
  • All the withdrawal requests from “Regular” wallets will be accepted within 24 hours and the “Wallet” account requests are instant.

Demo Account:

By choosing to start with a Demo account you can get immediate access to the trading platform and start trading immediately with virtual Ethers (ETH). You will have full access to the platform and all its functionalities. No KYC is required for this type of account.

Regular Account:

In the Regular account you deposit Ethereum into a cryptographically secured, smart contract wallet and trade without any associated costs.

a) Directly from your Ethereum address (for those who already hold Ethereum)
b) Directly from your UPHOLD account where you can deposit in your local currency (ie EUR, GBP, USD) and get the equivalent Ethereum in your trading account, in order to begin trading.

You are required to complete on-site KYC (under 5 minutes) before being able to start trading. The Regular account allows a range of trader upgrades and privileges if you hold the SXUT token.

Wallet account

The Wallet account is the fully decentralised, broker-less trading option. Here you never deposit and all trades are initiated by you through your cryptocurrency wallet using the SPECTRE trading platform. You pay gas cost for every trade and the liquidity pool incurs gas for the settlement of the trade. The payouts when trading from a Wallet account may be less than when trading from a Regular account.

You are required to complete on-site KYC (5 minutes) before being able to start trading. The Wallet account allows a range of trader upgrades and privileges if you hold the SXUT token.

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New User Interface Launched

We are proud to announce the release of the long awaited brand-new user interface on the revolutionary platform, making online trading in forex, commodities and crypto simpler and more convenient than ever.

After surpassing all options & CFDs providers as the number one destination online for Smart Options, the new UI (available via web access), offers a unique combination of a feature-rich trading platform and ease of use.  Please note, the mobile app with this UI will launch in around March/April 2019.

With several thousand new user accounts added every month, is the fastest growing platform for Smart Options.  Our unique and creative approach to online financial markets trading incorporates all of the essential trading tools coupled with a highly visual, simple and interactive user interface that actually educates its users from their very first trade. 

Key features of the new SPECTRE.AI user interface:

One click trading, the ability to open multiple charts simultaneously, capital protection, early close facility (coming soon), pending orders, custom expiries, free practice account and much more.

Advanced Trading Tools:
High performance tools to manage trades and analyse data.  Includes charting tools and indicators, in-platform trading calendar and news alerts, built-in in-depth analytics, trade ideas and alerts.

Innovative Risk Management:
Emotion control/risk management module which can be set up by each trader to help prevent over-trading and reduce the risk of losses.

The new UI is a major step forward as we look to grab a sizeable share of the forex, options, and speculative trading market, clean it up and restore confidence in online trading for the masses.