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[Sticky] Binary Options Risk Free Trades and Cash Back Deals - Introduction

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What is a risk free trade? A risk free trade is like a cash back deal which will protect you from losing money! 

When you place a risk free trade, if the outcome of the trade is not positive (i.e. you bet in the wrong direction) instead of losing your investment on that trade, the broker will cover your loss – you will receive your money back for a second chance. In contrast, if the outcome of the trade is positive (i.e. you bet in the correct direction) you are free to keep the profits that result from the trade.

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Risk Free Trades are a massive improvement to the binary option market, one that significantly can increase the overall results that come in the financial state of a trading session which has been established from the start of such experience. There will be many online brokers presenting this kind of incentives, offering much a one time opportunity to seize the trades and generate starting funds for those who will take them for granted.